HubSpot CRM 

What is HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM is a well-known customer relationship management app on the internet. We offer a user-friendly platform to the users and got an award for best CRM in 2019. This software helps business owners in increasing sales and work according to the existing structure. This software is easy to use as it has many features and is the best alternative for complex CRM software.


  • Enhance your publishing within the budget
  • By default, Responsive
  • Have built-in CDN & SSL


  • Difficulty in migrating to different pages
  • Have limited plugin and theme ecosystem
  • No control over backup & recovery

Features of HubSpot

Can Track Emails in a Better Way: Much free software tells you about when the email is opened. If any business owner is using outlook or Gmail for sending emails then you can track or log on only at the time when the proper extension is installed for HubSpot sales. If any enterprise is using this software then an instant pop-up appears when the customer opens their emails and if you are a pro member then you will come to know when the link is clicked by them.

Can Create Email Template: Typing the same content every time can be a difficult task so this email template feature offers you the option to send emails without typing again. You can customize it according to your contacts and with this, your personalization advantage is not lost. Templates must have text as if you want to send only an image it cannot be sent through HubSpot.


Create and Share Links of Meeting: After connecting your calendar on the meeting tool, you can share these links with your contacts and can decide the time. All the links of the meeting will be synchronized with the calendar so that you don’t have to worry about your appointments. This is the best tool as it saves a lot of time and on this, you can easily customize the meeting details, configuration, and questions.

Can Create Snippets: Typing the same answer every time is time-consuming as well as creates a lot of hassle. For saving your time, you can create snippets. These are the small text boxes in which you can type up to 500 characters and can save it into the records of the company, chats, and emails. So whenever, you want to write the same message or line, you can choose this snippet and your work will be done easily.


Can Add Videos to CRM E-mails: Sending videos through emails, increases the chances of conversion and generating leads. One can easily add videos on CRM mails and for this either you can create a video through your webcam or can attach it from your device. Research has shown that videos increase the sale by 500%. So, creating a unique video and sending it to your customers is the best method for enhancing the growth of your business.

Fast & Secure

Truly it was a great journey, and in it I met with many.

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