The Best Five Tools for Brand Management Software - MediaValet, Frontify, Bynder, Widen Collective, Imagen 

04.02.21 06:21 AM By Proken Staff

Brand Management is the process of setting the marketing standard of your business. This software captures all the aspects of designing, delivering, and regulating the desired perception of your organization. For making your brand, every business owner invests heavily in that and after making it a good one, managing it becomes a difficult task. For managing that easily, the organization should quickly deliver, control, and protect the brand assets and guaranteeing easy access and ensuring continued usage of that in the organization. There are several benefits of using brand management software which include:


Consistency and Compliance of Brand: Consistent brands make more money and this is possible only if a brand has developed the compliance guidelines. Almost every business has these guidelines and only a few can enforce them. If any organization wants to make its brand consistent and compliant, brand management software can help you. This is a cloud-based marketing hub that provides the place to post the guideline of your brand. This can easily be accessed by distributed marketers and other authorized users.


Increased Productivity: Brand Management platform allows businesses to easily create accessible and cloud–based locations for all the marketing material. This helps in increasing the marketing productivity as it prevents unnecessary inquires and requests from the distributed marketing team. Every material can be easily available to the users who are authorized and by uploading the most recent version to your platform of brand management.


Faster Production: This platform will help the businesses in speeding up the production as we all know a long time is being spent on sending the emails to your colleagues and employees. Brand management platform saves all this time of sending emails and messages, users can easily upload all the needed information on this platform and it will be seen by everyone. The process of finding information on emails is difficult but if every information will be uploaded here then each employee will easily find it and in this way, productivity can be increased.

In the market there are several brand management software available, we are listing here the top 5 which include


This tool helps businesses in easily managing, collaborating, and in distributing assets. It also helps in increasing productivity and will give higher ROIs to your business. The key features of mediavlet include organizing, searching, downloading, sharing, access control, and version control, and history.


This tool helps businesses in centralizing their brand and will make your business get rid of making pdf guidelines, files that are hard to find, and DAM. This application will help in taking your brand to next level.

Widen Collective

By using this tool business owners can share, upload, find, and analyze the content anywhere in the tool. This application works best for marketers and creative teams, and IT managers. The key feature of widen collective include document imaging, search, and collaboration tool.


Using the Bynder as a brand management software will help the team in finding the files easily and can easily do the collaboration with real-time edits and approvals, and will also help in distributing the content to several channels. The key feature includes creative workflow, brand templates, video brand studio, and more.


This tool is a smart digital asset that helps the user in removing the hassle of unlocking the digital files. It offers specialized security features and branded designs and customized email notifications.

The brand management platform and its tools will surely help the owners in decreasing their workload that they face during the handling of files, sending and receiving emails, and security purposes. All these tasks will be managed in just a few clicks, so choose the software that is best suited for your business.