The Best Five Campaign Management Tools -, Pardot, Marmind, Mediatool, and SharpSpring

08.05.21 05:33 AM By Proken Staff

Campaign Management is a process of managing activities centered around the execution, planning, tracking, and analysis of marketing initiatives. Many businesses launch their marketing campaigns to attract potential buyers and also use this to solve the problem that can be solved using their products and services.


For those business owners who aim at launching successful campaign management software, opting for this software is the best option. Besides opting for this software, having a clear understanding of what your audience want is also important. Every business owner should be aware of the problems your customers are trying to solve and think of tactics that will help in grabbing their attention. There are several benefits of using this software that include:


360-degree Customer View: This solution in the software gives a business owner the full view of their customers. This gives complete marketing creatio, helps you in storing the information about the customer which includes their industry, geography, company size, industry, and more. This also helps in understanding customer preferences and helps in building personalized communication.


Segment Builder: By using this feature users can easily segment their database and build the selection of data for any complexity. Users can also customize these segments based on data stored in the system which include orders and requests, responses, needs, and interests.


Professional Lead Management: This helps the business owners in identifying lead generation channels and sources. All the information collected in lead profiles will be displayed in the analytics dashboard. It reduces the efforts of the users as with this they can easily track lead sources and evaluate the effectiveness of the lead generation.


Efficient Business Process Management: Users can automate the internal process by making use of Marketing Creatio. This internal process includes approval of documents, a collaboration of complex projects which involve multiple teams. This system also provides the complete set of tools for managing the process of business, modeling, monitoring, execution, and analysis.

There are several campaign managements tools available that users can use and we are telling you about the top 5 tools which include

This is well-known CRM software that helps the team in organizing and understanding the workload with the help of visuals. This also shows a color-coded block with the help of which users can easily check the progress of different campaigns.


Pardot helps in creating more business leads. This tool is business to a business solution that helps businesses in checking the effects of their communication or methods on their businesses.


Marmind is a leading campaign management software that helps businesses in making better decisions for their business. This help user in tracking work through real-time and shows what will work better for your business.

Media tool

Media tool is a well-known platform for media and marketing campaigns. This tool is useful for both advertisers and agencies as they can easily view the status of working plans.


SharpSpring is a cloud-based marketing tool that helps the organization in managing all the marketing campaigns and business leads. This tool is also useful for both agencies and advertisers. In this tool, tasks get automated and marketers can focus on building a good relationship with clients.

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