The Best Five Conversational Marketing Tools - Chatbot, TruChat, Insent, Zingle, Exceed.AI

15.05.21 05:31 PM By Proken Staff

Conversational Marketing means to have one-on-one conversation online. This is an alternative way for capturing, qualifying and connect with the leads in a quick way and without having a hassle to use lead capture forms. Doing this type of conversation is vital for business owners for building relationships with the customers. This process makes the customer comfortable, feel listened to and helps in building trust.

Conversational Marketing for ads can be positioned on every domain. These ads are better are better for keeping the customer engaged and helps business owners in their growth and expansion across digital advertising landscape.

For E-commerce, conversational Marketing takes different varieties of forms but the primary ones are the options for live chat or virtual product advisor. These interfaces help the customers in making decisions in a easy, friendly, fun, and informative way as they will learn about their concerns, guiding them through product recommendation and helping them to shop.

How Conversational Marketing Helps Business to Grow?

Connect with Leads: Whenever a visitor will visit a website intentionally or unintentionally, the robots indicate the activity on the webpage of the owner and offer them the opportunity of capturing the leads.

Knowledge About the Customers: Conversational Marketing offers the owners the opportunity to fix another meeting with the prospect. This way the owners get to know more information about the client on their second visit.

Interaction through Intelligence Program: While buying anything online, the main thing customer misses is the human attraction. But with conversational marketing, the customers can have real-time chatting and can get assistance to their enquiries.

Instant & Short: For collecting customer data, lead capturing forms were used. If this gets late then the visitor losesits interests and the lead gets broken in-between but nowadays instant conversations enable to respond very fast or on the spot.

All-time Availability: If you can be available 24 hours a day for your business then it will be really very beneficial for you. On the other hand, the world is busy in 9 to 5 jobs and seeks for shopping on weekends and at that time if you can fulfill this requirement then it will be beneficial for your business. This is really possible by making use of  Conversational Marketing tools.

Top 5 Conversational Marketing Software:

The below mentioned are the top and most used conversational marketing software:


Chatbot is designed with such features that the human behaves in any conversation. It is a no-coding chatbot platform that helps in qualifying the leads automatically.


TruCHAT drives post-clicked visitors in the chat with you through TruCHAT. The way of providing a standard chatbot landing page helps in making more and more clients. Its single chatbot works for all your websites, social accounts, and more.


Insent is the human first chatbot that takes the leads to another level very easily. It is a real-time lead qualification and lets the user know when they should talk to the prospective customer.


Zingle is SMS messaging for customer service & team collaboration software that works real-time with customers through media like social media apps, MMS, and SMS, etc.


Exceed.AI ensures that all leads are qualified or have been followed up. It works to capture more and more leads into the process

So, what are you waiting for?


Start marketing your business by making use of these conversational marketing tools. To learn more about them, browse our website today!