The Best Five Tools Income Access, Tipalti, PartnerStack, Tapfiliate, and Affise Affiliate Marketing Softwares

16.04.21 11:52 AM By Proken Staff

Affiliate Marketing is a type of relationship developed in businesses and, some other person discloses the product of the company and in exchange for that, they ask for commission. This type of business model is very interesting for those people who want to work with internet sales for example: if you own an online cooking course and if you enrol in an affiliate program, the person who will become the promoter of your course will receive a commission on every lead generated through them. There are several benefits of using affiliate marketing:


Affiliate Marketing is Performance-Based: The best part of an affiliate program is that they are performance-based because these affiliates are paid a commission for the action taking place and for driving the conversion. This mitigates the efforts that help in driving the traffic with small or no value to your company to ensure that you get what you pay for. 


It helps Broaden Your Audience: Affiliates are found in every market and product category that exists today. If you are looking for starting the in-retail industry or something handcrafted toys, there are relevant websites to align with. The best part is that many of these affiliates will already have an established visitor base. Such partnership grants the opportunity of expanding out in new markets.


Boost the Reputation: For building a reputation, an organization can do the partnership with trusted bloggers and reputable websites. These partners will solidify the confidence of customers as in the research phase consumers trust more in third party opinion over the advertisement that is produced directly from the website of selling this product. Consumers have only trusted the websites from which they frequently purchase.


It is Cost-Effective: Affiliate marketing is cost-effective as in these owners are paying only for the conversion, they get not for those banner ads and placements where results are not guaranteed. Hiring affiliates in a new market is an easy way to branch out and there is no headache of creating an entire marketing campaign.

For doing this type of marketing we have various affiliate marketing tools also that will help you in boosting the growth of your business. Some tools include.

Income Access

This platform allows users to generate reports by tracking creative assets which include links, banners, frames, keywords, and more. By using these tools users can build a relationship with marketing partners.


It is an account management solution that will help users to automate the process of account payments. It includes invoice automation, payment remittance, tax calculation, reporting, and more.


This tool helps business owners in maximizing sales, conversion, and leads. It also helps in promoting brands and support affiliate marketers. By using this platform businesses can easily create and launch affiliate programs.


This tool is tracking software that is used by advertisers for creating, tracking, and optimizing affiliate marketing programs. By using this platform helps business owners in automating tasks, which includes affiliate tracking, commission management, and multi-level marketing.


This tool is a performance marketing software and this can be used by advertisers for managing the affiliate networks. All the efforts are minimized as this tool includes a single smart link and the traffic is sent automatically.

To know more about these software, you can visit the Proken Reviews website and learn about the tools which will help in enhancing the growth of the business.