The Best five tools Kevel, Where to Buy, Ad Butler, BrandMaster, and Bannerwise - Ad Server Marketing Software

08.04.21 10:38 AM By Proken Staff

Ad Server is the most common advertising technology that is used by advertisers, ad agencies, publishers, and ad networks for managing and run online advertising campaigns. Ad server helps business owners in making a spontaneous decision about which ads have to be shown on the website. This software also collects and reports data for the advertiser that will help them in gaining insights and monitoring the performance of their ads. There are several benefits of using ad server software which are:


Constant ad Campaign Optimization: The performance of every campaign can be measured only when the conversion takes place. Users will also have the ability to track the targeted action so further optimization can be improved. Users will be able to control all the advertising stages and they will make sure customers get the result for what they have paid for.


Real-Time Analytics: This is optional for the ad server as it works best when users handle hundreds of ad campaigns. In the time of rapidly changing advertising world, advertisers have to take the instant decision when users get engaged with their ad.


Timely Performance Reports: Every data-driven decision process should be based on the performance of large campaigns. Reports created in real-time helps users in saving their budgets that are based on third-party researches. In a user’s ad server account getting a customized report that includes metrics will matter to your company a lot but this will help users in re-shaping the ad strategies and optimizing the efforts for maximum yields.


Conversion Tracking: This is an ad server account that shows the user that how many views or clicks are there on the advertisement. Ad servers make use of several methods to track conversions.


  • Pixel Tracking
  • Behavioral Tracking
  • Server to Server Tracking
  • Tracking Revenue


Retargeting: On ads, only 2% of users convert their clicks to leads during online shopping. The main aim of the retargeting campaign is to make 98% of people return to the stage where they have left. It will help in keeping your brand in front of those audiences who left your website without making any purchase.

At Proken Reviews, we are showing people the best 5 ad server tool that will help you in boosting the growth of your business.


Kevel is a well-known cloud-based tool that makes use of many APIs which help users in making the design, development, and deployment of all kinds.

Where to Buy

This tool is designed for helping the users in displaying the information that is related to the rate of the product, location of the store, and availability of stock.


AdButler is an advertising platform that helps in designing, launching, and managing advertisement campaigns. It provides audiences with a targeting function that enables the users in generating advertisement-based content.


This tool is a cloud-based brand management platform designed by and for marketing professionals. By using this tool business owners can boost the growth of their business by mastering their brands.


It is a creative management platform that can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises. This tool is perfect for the marketer, campaign manager, and for people who have an interest in the digital advertisement.

Any business owner can choose one tool according to his/her need because advertisement is a mandatory thing for promoting the business. If this is done in the correct way that business owners tend to get more leads and higher conversion rates.