Tips to Boost the Online Presence of Your Business

01.02.21 12:29 PM By Proken Staff

Adding a Business-on-business directory will surely help you in its growth but few steps must be taken after listing also so that the reputation or name and fame earned must not go in vain. Everyone wants its business must always keep growing with time and if the necessary changes are required that one should surely make. One should always work hard to attract customers to your products or services and only creating an online presence will not help it. Few steps one should take which includes:

1.Regular Posting on Social Media: Social media is one of the strongest platforms nowadays and you must create a post that will not only help you in attracting customers. The post can be the benefits of your service/product if any new service or product have been introduced, festive offers/discounts, and much more. To keep the business running, you can collaborate with famous people, artists, and influencers; advertisement through them can attract a number of people and especially the youth. 

2.Money-Back Guarantee of your Products/Services

This feature in business is the most attractive way and one must surely introduce this feature as a number of people want this type of offers. People love such type of offers because they have the desire to avoid potential loss. The more risk you will remove from the prospect’s decision, the more are the chances they will buy from you. 

3.Send Amazing Follow-up Emails to Customers: Whenever customers opt for your products and services send them an email and ask about their reviews and ratings. If they have any questions, how can they contact you? The more attention you will pay to them the more likely they will become loyal to your brand. They can become your permanent customers and will also refer your products/services to other friends and family members. Businesses should also send them promotional offers so that they can become your permanent customers.

4.Show off Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals: In today’s environment of social media, customer feedback has become more important. Satisfied customers can provide you the most powerful weapon in your testimonials as it becomes the most influential part of your business. Every business should make sure to include gushing reviews for your products/services. These testimonials must appear on your landing page, product pages, pricing pages, and even your home page. 

5. Invest in Quality Images of Products: We all know that if images are attractive people would surely love to try that product. Every business owner should add more images and all of them should be of the best quality. If the appearance of your website will not be presentable then the customer would not love to visit your website. The landing page of your website must be filled with attractive images so that customers would explore other pages also.

After listing your business on TripKen, you should do the regular updates, so that customers can find your business attractive. Every business owner should schedule a follow-up call to all his customers after the product and service have been delivered so that you can come to know about your drawbacks if any and can improve. Following these steps will boost the growth of your business

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