Top Five Buyer Intent Software

29.04.21 04:05 PM By Proken Staff

In this era of technology, we all browse the website for purchasing something or while searching we reach out to the page where products are liked by us, the same thing happens with the customers also when they will visit your website, they will leave behind their digital footprints. When the person is online, we all leave traces of information that will reflect interests and thoughts at that time. 

This is the place where we use our buyer intent data as this data simply highlights all the details of the web user and will tell business owners what they were looking for or what intention they want to make a purchase. So, by monitoring the search terms and with the help of cookies and other tracking tools, it is now possible for businesses to exactly pinpoint when the account is considering the solutions provided by you and this thing can also happen when the customer is not on your website. There are several benefits of using buyer intent software which include:


Better Targeted ContentBuyer intent data provide businesses a clear insight into the accounts which are experiencing challenges and which accounts are actively looking to adopt solutions. In this way, businesses can help the person who is facing challenges at the right time. 


Optimized Sales and Marketing Resource: This helps in making the buying process more advanced. When the visitors will access the content of your website, businesses will get a clear indication of their intent by seeing the specific information. If the visitor clicks on a particular thing, it means that they are interested in that.


Better Understanding of Client Pain Points: With the help of this software, businesses can easily analyze what the client is looking for on your website. With this intent data, users can make a broader interference on the main points of the industry.


Understand the Demand for your Service: If businesses have few content pieces or service pages that you don’t get the traction you expect and with the help of intent data users can easily understand this. If the data shows you that target audiences are searching for the intent keywords, you will be able to monitor around the service, that is the best time for pivoting and altering the services that will better match the needs.

There is many buyer intent software that you can use but the best five include:


It is a well-known cloud-based lead generation platform that will help businesses in the process of workflow and helps in improving the marketing operation.


This tool is a well-known lead generating software that will provide business owners the complete information about the visitors visiting their website.


This tool is a lead intelligence solution that will help businesses in generating leads. It has features that will include filtering, prioritizing, and competitor tracking.


Slintel is demand generation software that helps to track customers of different technology. It helps sales teams to spend less time researching and more time closing deals.

Buyer Discovery

This tool is designed in such a way that will help businesses strengthen sales. This is mart technology that helps the sales team in prioritizing the right accounts for increasing the conversion.

These are the five best tools and business owners can choose the one according to the requirement of their businesses.