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what is is a project management software that helps the team in organizing and understanding the workload through visuals. It shows a color-coded block through which users can easily check the progress of different projects, what the team is doing and where the team got stuck. These boards also convey the due dates of the projects. To get rid of the confusion all the communication between the team takes place on the board.

Features of Monday.Com:


Two Factor Authentication is Available for all Plans: This feature adds a layer of security. Whenever your team will log in from a different device, they have to enter the code texted on their mobile number. Earlier it was only available to enterprise plans but now they have opened it for all users as we know everyone deserves this security.


Easily find the Projects that Need Attention: In this software, we offer advanced board filtering. This helps you in finding which project is marked blank and no person is assigned for that and can check the due date. Indeed, it is the best way to identify all the little things, and in this way, nothing will be left neglected for the project.


New #tag Column to Filter the Results Across the Board: In this software, tags work like keywords as these are best proven for organizing your tasks. You can just put the tag in the search option and that only will filter all your results and will give you a broader view of everything.


Product Details

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