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Sacxo Overview
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Sacxo Overview
What is Sacxo?

Socxo is the most powerful advocacy tool designed to increase the organic reach of your brand. It also helps in generating more leads and increasing conversion rates by taking the benefit from social media platform of your company’s brand ambassador. The main features include:


Access/Administrate: This platform to easy to use and most of the activities require only one or two clicks. It helps in enhancing the convenience and engagement and its security ensures that guaranteed honesty of enterprise environment.


Creating, adding, and curation of content:  For achieving the perfect blend of branded industry, and user generated content, Socxo is the perfect solution for all the users.


Gamify & Engage: This platform offers a full suite of gamification feature and this provide incredible user engagement. It includes campaigns, challenges, polls, quizzes, and badges. All these features can be customized by the administrative according to their requirements and can easily target the specific objectives and user groups.


Share & Interact: Users can easily share the content to external platforms like social media and all the posts are editable. Socxo users can also comment on the posts internally. It also reflects the latest user activity.

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Product Details

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