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TruCHAT Overview
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TruCHAT Overview
What is TruCHAT?

TruCHAT is AL based chatbot program software that increases conversation through email, social media, PPC campaigns. It drives post-clicked visitors in the chat with you through TruCHAT. The way of providing a standard chatbot landing page helps in making more and more clients. TruCHAT’s single chatbot works for all of your websites, social media accounts, and all other availabilities on the web.



  • Artificial Intelligence: Through the artificial intelligence feature, TruCHAT users can have the benefits of auto-responding and building FAQ. This feature makes the users more relaxed as they do not need to be available for 24 hours as the visitor can have auto respond from TruCHAT.
  • Live Chat: TruCHAT offers the routing system for route chatting to agents according to their works, skills, and time schedule. Like a real person chatting is easy to route.
  • Multichannel Chatbot: TruCHAT’s chatbot is a multi-channel chatbot that is suitable for all apps. For all your web accounts, one chatbot will be work without any change.
  • Ticket Management: First of all TruCHAT collects data from chatbots, then sends these details to the CRM. After forwarding to CRM, Auto email is being sent from TruVisibilty or other applications, and after that support, tickets are generated from chats.   
  • Dedicated Apps: TruCHAT’s mobile app is ready to work with iOS and Android mobiles. With the help of this supported app, all the users can stay up to date about the statuses of their leads and can have timely chat sessions.

Product Details

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